Does Red Light Therapy Work?

What is red light therapy?

Skin, muscle tissue, and other areas of your body may mend with the use of red light therapy (RLT). You are subjected to minute amounts of red or near-infrared light. 

Your eyes cannot see infrared light, but your body can detect it as heat. While visible, red light resembles infrared.

How long does red light take to work?

Results from red light therapy may not be seen for up to 4 months. Red light therapy is more effective if you consider it to be a cellular workout. 

Red light therapy improves your cells’ capacity to produce energy, much to how weightlifting and cardio exercises benefit your muscles and heart, and lungs.

There have been some initial studies that suggest this kind of light may have some effects on fibroblast cells. Since these are the cells that generate collagen, red light is known to have some positive effects on supporting the growth and maintenance of healthy collagen in your skin.

Red light therapy is expected to have some skin-improving effects, but like with most skin rejuvenation procedures, the majority of the visible effects will be transient, according to experts.

To look at it another way, if you want to see a reduction in fine lines and smoother skin, you’ll need to continue your sessions so that each one builds upon and supports the previous one. Then, over time—typically in a couple of weeks or months—you should start to notice obvious changes.

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