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About our Skin Clinic

Rockyview Medical Aesthetics, located in Signal Hill Centre, South West Calgary, is located on the second floor of the Superstore. You can take advantage of our unique aesthetic experience situated conveniently in the Rockyview Medical Clinic. We have a committed team of Family Doctors, Aestheticians, and staff to provide good care to every one of our clients and patients.

Feel confident in your aesthetic experience that will be customized to your specific concerns. Experts in the latest in aesthetic treatments available. It will be Performed by the skillfully trained Dr. Abuhelala and his experienced staff of clinicians.

Troublesome acne? Fine lines and wrinkles? Migraines? Thinning hair? Need a pout on your lips? Get ready to enhance your beauty and feel fresh in your skin.

Whether you need to learn about a skin condition, try some new sunscreens, have a vampire facial, or learn about the different conditions that Botox can treat? We have the latest medical-grade skincare products and the latest fillers available on the market that can give your skin the fresh glow it needs, with minimal to no downtime!

Consultations are always complimentary!”


Meet Our Professionals

Dr. Ahmed Abuhelala

Dr. Ahmed Abuhelala is a Family physician practicing for 13 years in Alberta. He had the enthusiasm to become an Aesthetic Physician since his graduation, he had two years of Plastic surgery experience. Recently, he has gained certification in Botox and Pain management from PTIFA institute in Vancouver. He has joined the IMCAS academy where he is gaining Aesthetic expedience from different parts of the globe.

Dr. Abuhelala is dedicated to helping all his patients at Rockyview Medical and Aesthetics clinic achieve the most radiant, youthful, and natural appearance possible. Combining over 13 years of medical experience with the highest level of artistry. Dr. Abuhelala offers customized non-surgical facial procedures within the field of aesthetic medicine.

Dr. Abuhelala is continuing education to increase his knowledge and understanding, and to perfect his aesthetics skills. He uses his extensive knowledge of all aspects of medical aesthetics to provide the best, most appropriate, and above all the most honest and ethical advice to each patient.

Gayle Okerlund

Gayle, our resident medical aesthetician and nutritionist has always had a passion for health wellness and aesthetics as they are all related. Gayle takes a preventative approach to ageing. Graduating with an honours diploma in Advanced Medical Aesthetics and an Electrolysis Diploma in 2004. Gayle has worked with and mentored by leading dermatologists and plastic surgeons in the industry as well as alongside a leading doctor who trained injectors for many years.

Gayle decided on continuing education and completed an Honours diploma in Health, Fitness, and Nutrition in 2012. This additional education secured her a position with an international medical device company as a Clinical Trainer. Gayle’s exposure to top plastic surgeons and dermatologists in Canada and the USA expanded her knowledge. With prolonged travel away from home Gayle decided to teach at a local college. Gayle’s teaching style was to engage and motivate her students. Her knowledge of aesthetics, health, wellness & nutrition combined with her clinical expertise offers a complete package.

Gayle is meticulous, and strives for excellence, and delivers results in work and life.

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